hair dye

Hair dye in simple words means, the color used for hair coloring. Hair dyeing is an ancient practice where people used to extract natural colors from plants like indigo (generally of blue-black color), henna (containing lawsone), turmeric, etc. However, with the advent of science and technology, synthetic dyes are also available and hair dyeing industries form more than a billion dollar industries worldwide. The most common form of hair dye is the black color that is used generally to cover the grey hairs or to regain the original color. However, nowadays it has become a trend and people apply different dyes that suit their image. Earlier it was a practice to apply only one hair dye at a time. Now the fashion has changed and people are opting for multi-colored hairs.
The most common colors of hair dyes are gold, yellow, orange, green, fuchsia and many more. But before buying any hair dye product one must firmly decide the nature of the dye to be used, i.e., permanent type, semi-permanent type, etc. One must also decide the reason for using the color, whether for giving some cool shades or just to cover the grey ones. In order to color the grey hairs, one must follow the steps properly for the hair to accept the hair dye quickly. Sometimes bleaching of the hair is also required. It is done to remove all or most of the synthetic colors used before on the hair. In almost every case where a light 白髪染め is required, bleaching is done as a pre-treatment for better results.
However, the constant use of hair dye products are gradually becoming health concerns. The dyes used are a combination of chemical compounds which when reaches the hair roots may cause skin irritation. On applying to sensitive skins, they may cause allergy, redness, burning and irritation. Excessive application of hair dye products may also cause over-processing that leads to hair breakage and makes it fragile. Hair, skins and nails consists of the same keratin protein. Hence, one can even face discoloration of skin or patches around the hairline due to hair color chemicals. Sometimes one doesn’t find the color satisfactory after dyeing. This is because it depends on the condition of the hair like its natural color before coloring, the porosity of the hair, etc. Recent studies have also revealed that 白髪染め is causing lead poisoning and cancer due to the use of lead acetate as major ingredient and carcinogen products respectively.